Tuesday, July 24 Break-Out Sessions

10:35 a.m. - 11:35 a.m.

Break-Out Session Tracks:



Both, College and Employer

Break-Out Session Specialty Tracks:


Talent Acquisition 

Break-Out Session Levels:

Level 1: New Professionals (less than 5 years)

Level 2: Mid-Career Professionals (5-10 years)

Level 3: Directors (10+ years)

Level 4: All levels will benefit    

Are Your Students on Fleek? The Employers' Perspective

             Track: Both                                                               Level: 4   

Location: Lakeshore A


  • Amy O'Donnell, Senior, Distinguished University Lecturer
    University of Toledo
  • Mary Kate Garner PHR, SHRM-CP, Senior Staffing Consultant 
    Plante Moran
  • Ali Mears, Campus Recruiting Consultant
    Plante Moran
  • Craig Turner, Career Recruiting Advisor
    University of Toledo

Remember this? A review of a newspaper classified ad, yielded cover letter, resume, and a list of references through U. S. mail.  In three days, if we were lucky, the envelope hit HR.  Now, it takes about three seconds for a thumb to tap "send," and whoosh-the resume hits someone's inbox.  Application times have changed for this generation, but how much?  What practices are tried and true, and which have hit the trash?  Find out what University of Toledo College of Business and Innovation employers prefer to see in today's candidates. This session will be sure to send college and employer reps home with knowledge of advances in the application process, preferred best practices, and ideas for implementation and coaching students to help get their career game "on fleek"!

Enhancing the Recruiter & Campus Partnership Beyond the Norm

             Track: Both              Specialty Track: Talent Acquisition                        Level:  4  

Location: Lakeshore B


  • Jamie Velasquez, Associate Director for Employer Relations
    University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Cynthia Graham, Assistant Director for Employer Relations
    University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Danny Michael, Assistant Director for Employer Relations
    University of Illinois at Chicago

We will discuss a unique and special event that we implemented at UIC a few years ago where we have recruiters engage and interact with student group leaders, faculty, administrators and representatives from  other areas of our campus including athletics, support programs, advancement etc. We will discuss how recruiters set the topics for discussion through various activities set out throughout this day.  And we will discuss the results and evolution of this event. 

Recruiting Technologies: How we leveraged our employer partnerships to help students navigate a digital age

             Track: College                                                                  Level:  4  

Location: Michigan A


  • Kim Brandt, Director, Student Affairs
    Chamberlain University
  • Rachel Coughlin, Manager, Career Services Operations
    Chamberlain University

For many years our coaching methods for preparing students for the application and interview process remained relatively unchanged. As employers continue to seek efficiencies when recruiting talent, technology has become the initial gatekeeper for many organizations and our previous coaching strategies were not enough to successfully prepare our students. Join us as we share the knowledge we leveraged from our employer advisory council about the recruiting technologies and how we used this information to prepare our students to successfully navigate the recruiting process. We will discuss some of the challenges presented by applicant tracking systems, video interviews and virtual career events and what we do to prepare our students. 

What Works at Your School:  Developing Your Data Driven Decisions


             Track: College                Specialty Track: Talent Acquisition           Level:  4   

Location: Michigan B


  • Corey Watt, Assistant Director for Employer Relations
    Miami University

Have you ever really dug into what works for the employers that recruit on your campus?  Do you have anything beyond anecdotal information to help your constituents maximize their efforts? This presentation will explain how the Employer Relations team within Miami University's Center for Career Exploration & Success is revamping their data collection.  For years, surveys and feedback were sought, but much of the information was not valid or relevant beyond deciphering customer satisfaction.  Learn how the staff evaluated and implemented an overhaul of what, when, and how they gathered information to gain more pertinent data. Better understand localized and longitudinal trends, patterns, and ideally what works best for various types of employers who recruit on your campus. Participants will have an opportunity to learn about processes and practices that have and are being implemented, as well as how to research and develop a process for their team's use.  

Women of Color in Career Services:
Creating Pathways for Career Advancement

             Track: College                 Specialty Track: Diversity             Level:  4  

Location: Madison


  • Laurence Jackson III, Assistant Director
    Northwestern University
  • Espie Santiago, Director of Employer Relationships

Women of color represent a growing segment of the workforce as they will be the majority of all women in the United States by 2050 (US Census Bureau, 2014). However, women of color in leadership roles are vastly underrepresented across multiple industries, especially in career services. Additionally, little research exists on supporting women of color to advance. This session will reveal results from research conducted by the presenters from a series of interviews with career services deans/directors and women of color in non-senior level roles in career services that explore structural and social obstacles to career advancement. Attendees will gain strategies to empower women of color to thrive in the workplace, while building community around this crucial topic.

Building Employment Brand for Entry-Level Talent Acquisition              Track: Employer              Specialty Track: Talent Acquisition              Level:  4   

Location: Director's A


  • Matthew Brink, Assistant Executive Director, Programs & Services
    National Association of Colleges & Employers
  • Norma Guerra Gaier, President-Elect
    National Association of Colleges & Employers 

NACE paves the way in developing strategies and best practices that guide employers when recruiting college talent. To provide support and insight, this session will draw on employer recruiting benchmarks from more 700+ employers and student survey data on career-related expectations and preferences from more than 20,000 students. Presenters will address fast-paced changes in the talent acquisition landscape; building sustainable recruitment strategies for entry-level talent; and understanding what attracts entry-level talent to an employment brand.
No Budget - No Problem             Track: Both                                                                                 Level:  1&2


Location:Director's B


  • Corey Gray, Director of Career Development
    Concordia University

The challenge of operating a career development office on continually shrinking budgets is a regular problem facing colleges. Development of a program partnering employers with institutions is simple. This presentation will break down, in five simple steps, how to increase career center budgets through partnerships that are small, but immediately valuable to career centers, students, and organizations.