Midwest ACE Annual Conference Call for Programming Proposals

The Midwest Association of Colleges & Employers (Midwest ACE) Annual Conference Committee is now accepting breakout session proposals. The conference will include a variety of breakout session tracks. Among the tracks will be one focused on diversity, equity and inclusion and another focused on topics relevant to talent acquisition and recruiting.

Proposals related to the conference theme and tracks are encouraged, as well as those related to current “hot topics”, such as alumni and mentoring programs, new technology, building programs, and recruitment at smaller institutions and community colleges, etc. Please note that your proposal does not need to be a program or initiative with a record of success. We want to hear what you are doing right now, including any new programs or services you are offering, or any collaborative efforts you have in place to enhance our profession.If you would like to present at the Midwest ACE Annual Conference, please use the form below to submit your proposal electronically for a 60 minute session.

The deadline for submitting proposals: TBA

Click Here to Submit a Programming Proposal

Tips for Submitting a Proposal

Give it time - A good proposal takes time to create! Set aside a few hours to review past proposals, draft out your presentation outline, and craft your title and session description.

Tailor your sessions - Increase your chances of being selected by aligning with one of our topics above and think about a format that involves the audience and stimulates discussions (instead of straight lecture).

Make it Catchy - The title and description you create now will be listed in the app and program, so consider the audience, topic area and relevance to your presentation. Use action verbs and results-oriented words. Your title must be both attention-grabbing and give a good description of your session.

Share Takeaways - Think about the learning outcomes. What information will attendees learn? What new insights will you cultivate? What best practices or how-to’s will you share? Answer the following:
“By attending this session, attendees will gain…

Review past program topics - Click on this link to access past Annual Conference programs to see what topics have been selected in the past.

Additional Information

  • Presentations are expected to stick closely to what is proposed on this form. 
  • Presenters will not be compensated.
  • Midwest ACE will provide accepted presenters of break-out sessions with a projector and screen, but you should bring your own laptop and adapter.


Who can submit a proposal?

Anyone who has a relevant topic to share! We’ve had submissions from graduate assistants, faculty, career counselors, vice president's, directors, recruiters and more.

Where is the 2019 Annual Conference?

How long should my presentation be?

Break-out sessions are 60 minutes.

When are proposals due?


When will I know if my proposal was accepted?

You will be notified in March of 2019 on the status of your proposal.

Who should I contact with additional questions?

Midwest ACE Annual Conference Co-Chairs: