Tuesday, July 24 Break-Out Sessions

9:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.

Break-Out Session Tracks:
Both, College and Employer

Break-Out Session Specialty Tracks:
Talent Acquisition

Break-Out Session Levels:
Level 1: New Professionals (less than 5 years)
Level 2: Mid-Career Professionals (5-10 years)
Level 3: Directors (10+ years)
Level 4: All levels will benefit    

Are your graduates career ready?  A new strategy to build support across the student experience

               Track: College                                                                 Level:  4   

Location: Lakeshore A


  • Steve Neer, Vice Provost Advising & Registrar
    National Louis University

In an era of increased scrutiny, institutions are challenged to ensure that graduates have the necessary skills to find employment. With a large population of first-generation students, National Louis University implemented an innovative strategy of career readiness support across the entire student experience. By requiring career coaching, embedding career readiness content across the curriculum, and increasing employer engagement experiences, NLU's multi-faceted approach has led to an increase in career readiness. NLU's goal is not merely to provide students with a degree, but to provide students with the knowledge, skills and network necessary to be successful in the workforce and capable of securing meaningful employment.  NLU is working to ensure that students are career ready by requiring students to complete quarterly career milestones with the help of their assigned career coach and building career readiness related assignments into a minimum of six courses that they will take.  Finally, NLU has made a major investment in building opportunities for internships and work based learning both on and off campus, as well as employer engagement. This program will describe the NLU model, including how support was built to implement this model by engaging faculty and staff.  Templates of the coaching model and curriculum learning outcomes will be shared and discussed, as well as tips on enhancing work based learning opportunities for students at any institution. Data on progress of current students will be shared. Time will be allowed for discussion of challenges faced and ways to bring this model to other universities.

Creating a Long Tail to Internship Success

Track: Employer             Specialty Track: Talent Acquisition           Level: 4 

Location: Lakeshore B


  • Susan Caplan, President
    SC Associates, LLC
Everything your employees say and do shows the public the value of your company. Providing your interns the right information to market your business during and after their internship will give your company a competitive edge.   Providing students with the right tools and opportunities will allow them to mirror your mission and support your customer. Help students to understand that they represent not only themselves and their school but your company, even after their internship is over.

Modules: From the Classroom to a Career

                Track: College                                                                     Level:  4   

Location: Madison


  • Funmilayo Ojikutu, Assistant Director, EPICS
    Northwestern University

Students are seeking new ways to learn career-focused skills throughout their college careers. Universities are constantly seeking to innovate curricular offerings to ensure they are teaching relevant, up-to-date theories and practices. Northwestern University's School of Communication (SoC) has embraced this challenge with module learning communities.   These are highly focused programs of study that include related coursework, co-curriculars and pre-professional experiences culminating in the creation of a capstone project. These communities, led by faculty with experience inside and outside the university, aim to help undergraduate students bridge classroom theory and practice. Learn how SoC's careers office, EPICS, has partnered with faculty to create tangible professional development outcomes. The presentation will focus on strategies for creating yearlong programming around a capstone project. In addition, strategies on how to incorporate alumni mentoring boards will be discussed. Come learn how student feedback resulted in 16 innovative module learning communities!

It's more than Politically Correct, It's Polite:
Disability Awareness and Inclusive Training


              Track: Both                     Specialty Track: Diversity                    Level:  4   

Location: Michigan A


  • Jennifer Wall, Communications Manager
    Michigan Technological University
  • Christy Oslund, Coordinator, Student Disability Services
    Michigan Technological University
  • Susan Sullivan, Assistant Director
    Michigan Technological University

Every classroom, department and organization is likely to include an individual with a disability. Statistically, one in five people live with a disability at some point in their lifetime, making it the largest minority group in America. At Michigan Technological University, we discovered a growing need for disability inclusion and education on campus. After a few awkward incidences and uncomfortable comments involving students, faculty and staff, Career Services at Michigan Tech partnered with the office of Institutional Equity and Inclusion, the Center for Diversity and Inclusion, and Student Disability Services. Together we developed an interactive training program that would improve attitudes, approaches, communications and interactions among the campus community with regard to disability and diversity.  Our goal was to create a welcoming and supportive environment for people of all abilities. We now bring our insights to you.  We will address perceptions, bias and attitudes. We will review the laws pertaining to disability, discuss invisible disabilities and interactively explore a wide-range of scenarios. How we engage with others defines us.  Our brand. Our organization. Our values. Everyone deserves dignity, courtesy and respect.  

What CAN You Control: Mindfulness Techniques for Employers
                Track: Employer          Specialty Track: Talent  Acquisition               Level:  4   

Location: Michigan B


  • Ellen Bartowiak, Coach, Speaker, Trainer
    Ellen Coaching, LLC

As an employer who recruits students, has nutty travel schedules, and reports to so many people that you can't find a minute for yourself; how do you take CONTROL of your day?  With all that you have weighing on your shoulders, let's take some time for YOU. This session will offer techniques to put you in control of your reactions and regain some focus in your life.  This interactive and practical session will give you the opportunity to learn brief meditation techniques, discuss the neuroscience to get out of 'fight-flight-or-freeze' mode, and provide resources to keep up the success you'll feel after one-hour of relief.  These techniques have had success with recruiters, sales professionals, financial planners, coaches and managers.   Come with an open mind and leave with a toolbox of resources.  One previous workshop attendee said:  "The workshop helped me to be more mindful about who I am and how I feel in my daily life, and to build resiliency to negative stressors."

From the Front Line: Employers Hiring Priorities, Preferences & Prereqs
                   Track: Both                                                                                            Level:  1-4  


Location: Director's A


  • Sara Luchsinger, VP Organizational Development
    SEEK Careers/Staffing, Inc.
  • Lori Malett, President
    Hatch Staffing Services

The staffing industry plays a vital role in the economy, creating workforce solutions for America's companies and jobs for America's workers. With hiring over 15 million employees per year, staffing professionals are the experts at finding a needle in the haystack. Hear from staffing professionals who work with companies first hand all day, every day hearing their hiring priorities, preferences, and prerequisites.  These experts ask the right questions to find out what the hiring managers really want and need. You will also receive a list of questions to ask your managers about the people that they want to hire to find the right person faster. The staffing industry, like most is hiring too. Colleges can help by learning more about the Staffing as a Career initiative which will be briefly highlighted in this interactive session.