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Midwest ACE places education and knowledge at the forefront of member benefits. Not only do our members receive opportunities to boost their skill sets and those of their team during the Regional ACE webinars, they can show off their knowledge of the industry during one of Midwest ACE's webinars.

The Midwest ACE Professional Development Committee is devoted to providing members with information that impacts their industry. In order to share the value of Midwest ACE with industry leaders and prospective members, webinars will be available to both members and non-members. Members can register to attend for free and non-members will be charged a $30 fee.

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Upcoming Webinars

Finding Our Way
April 22, 2024 | 11:30A CST / 12:30P EST

Ignite the passion in students, energize educators, and tackle the college navigation challenge by harnessing the power of Purpose & Belonging Informed Education.

As the dust begins to settle from a tumultuous past few years, a new problem is emerging: A college and career navigation crisis.: A significant number of graduates express regret about their experiences, only 1 in 3 build meaningful relationships with mentors, and a mere 1 in 10 feel prepared for the workforce. Coupled with an escalating burnout epidemic among staff and faculty, a concerning picture emerges:

We are all struggling to find our way.

Timothy Klein, LCSW, has dedicated his career to assisting students and educators alike in overcoming daily pressures and uncovering a better path, a framework, and a set of questions that allow them to rediscover their "true north": the inherently inspiring and noble goals that attracted them to education initially.

Tim will show how to leverage purpose and belonging can help students become more motivated and confident, while at the same time helping educators become more engaged in their work, more resilient against daily stressors, and more likely to see education as their true calling.

In this highly engaging presentation, participants will discover that to better support our students, our staff, and ourselves, we don't have to do "more."

Join a clinical therapist, researcher, and educator as he unveils his award-winning work on purpose and belonging. Tim will demonstrate how what benefits educators also benefits students. He will delve into the science of purpose and reveal why purpose-driven students are more engaged in school, enjoy greater success in college, and are more likely to thrive in their careers and lives.

Educators and administrators will leave with evidence-based best practices and practical strategies to immediately implement in their schools. Klein will guide every school leader on how to revolutionize their schools and empower their teachers by embracing the potential of purpose and belonging-centered education.

Presenter Bio

TIM KLEIN, LCSW is  an award-winning urban educator, clinical therapist, teaching fellow at Harvard University and lecturer at Boston College. He has worked intensively with marginalized students to equip them to pursue meaningful and fulfilling lives. Prior to his work at Boston College, he spent five years as the Outreach Director for Summer Search, a national youth development non-profit serving historically underrepresented student populations. As an entrepreneur he helped launch a Stanford University education start-up that now serves over 30,000 students all over the world.  In addition to his work as a lecturer at Boston College, he works with schools, colleges and companies all over the world to help them infuse the science of Purpose & Belonging to help people thrive. 

Klein is the co-author of the best-selling book How to Navigate Life: The New Science of Navigating School, Career and Life.


ChatGPT Mastery for Career Leaders
May 7, 2024 | 11:30A CST / 12:30P EST

Providing specific career advice for each student, alum, or client is a monumental task - especially when you serve hundreds or thousands of job-seekers.

But ChatGPT is a chance to fundamentally reshape that equation, leveraging your existing coaching expertise in concert with this new technology to dramatically scale up your impact.

So join a former LinkedIn insider and ChatGPT power user to discover:

  1. What ChatGPT can do for you - from helping your clientele find the perfect path to helping you work more effectively than ever
  2. How to guide your audience in this evolving world - by understanding exactly what ChatGPT can do and what it can’t
  3. A hands-on guide to making it work for you - via live demos, roleplays, and Q&A so you walk away with everything you need to leverage this powerful tool

Presenter: Jeremy Schifeling, Founder, The Job Insiders



Bridging the Data Gap: A Guide to Career Services Interaction Data Analysis
May 28, 2024 | 2:00P CST / 3:00P EST

Career Services is becoming increasingly data-driven, but the value universities can gain from following this trend depends on accumulating accurate, descriptive, and time-bound data using standardized data flows and business logic that combine academic records with external Career Services platforms. This presentation aims to provide a high-level overview of how Saint Louis University was able to leverage academic data to enhance student interaction data captured in Handshake and review student cohort participation in events as it would have looked on the day of the event.

Presenters: Charlie Revord and Jay Haugen, Saint Louis University