Why Should I Join a Midwest ACE Committee?

Hear from past and current Midwest ACE members to find out why they find it valuable to volunteer on our committees:

"I enjoy being in a Midwest ACE leadership role because of the relationships, networking, and more opportunities the more you get involved with leadership."

"I love sharing best practices with other employers/college members and learning new ways to recruit/retain employees. I love the relationships I have formed and broadening my network. I have grown a lot through my leadership roles here at Midwest ACE."

"I enjoy being involved in Midwest ACE as a committee chair because of the outcomes we achieve as a committee and colleagues I get t collaborate with."

"What drew me to a leadership role within Midwest ACE was the opportunity to be of service using skills and talents acquired in my career before counseling (career, psychotherapy, etc.). I am passionate about connecting people to create and learn and I myself have a lot to learn from the other Midwest ACE leaders. I hope I can help keep the conversation going between times when we see each other face to face."

"I enjoy being in a leadership role because of the opportunity to learn from others and spread the wealth."

"I enjoy being in a leadership role because of the deeper connections with others and having an 'inside view' of what is happening with the association."

"I have found great colleagues and friends through the years as a committee chair, conference program director, and a co-chair of conference."

"I am enjoying the connections I am making and the challenge of leading a team virtually."

"I enjoy being in a leadership role because of the professional development, acquire skills to enhance career, and learn how to lead but also be part of a team."

"I love the ability to expand my network while growing professionally and gaining great benchmarks for our college."

"I enjoy contributing towards the growth of Midwest ACE; developing leadership skills while my day job currently doesn't allow it; making a difference in member's experience with the organization; and establishing a network."

"I enjoy being in a leadership role at Midwest ACE because of the networking opportunities with like-minded individuals. I develop leadership skills and have the opportunity to implement new ideas and helping grow leaders."

"I initially went for leadership with Midwest ACE to expand my professional capacity as a younger professional. Now that I am in my role, I thoroughly enjoy the networking and idea sharing that comes with being in the middle of a larger committee."

"I have always enjoyed my time at Midwest ACE; however, after transitioning into a new role this semester, I realized just how valuable this organization is!"

"Being involved is a great opportunity to meet and network with colleagues and to give back to a profession that has given so much to me personally and professionally."

"I enjoy being involved with Midwest ACE because of the networking connections to employees and college staff from across the Midwest. Also, helping to create greater connections between employers, students, and alumni via our committee's outreach and events, as well as, identifying new ways to collaborate."

"I enjoy giving back to so many who have given to me and developing future leaders."