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Midwest ACE is a volunteer organization made up of various committees. The committees help advance and support the association’s mission. They contribute to the success of the organization by providing major professional development opportunities; creating web-based resources and services; generating communication throughout the association; and engaging in activities aimed at maintaining and expanding membership, promoting diversity and developing leaders. It is through the activities of these committees that Midwest ACE members share their expertise and knowledge in order to enhance the overall effectiveness of our professional community. If you're interested in learning more about a committee or to join a committee, please contact the committee chair/co-chair listed below or click on the button below to fill out the Midwest ACE Committee form. 

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Marketing & Communications Committee

Chair: Sparkle Sanders
Phone: 217-333-0820
Email: [email protected]

Board Liaison: Kristin Nisbet-White, Director - Advancement & Communications


  • Serve as editor to maintain quality and relevance of Midwest ACE newsletter in print and online.
  • Serve as editorial board for Midwest ACE publications, e.g. Online Directory, brochures, etc.
  • Act as "Gatekeeper" for the Midwest ACE Website.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Engage members virtually through various social media platforms, provoking dialogue and relationship building
  • Promote news and events, in partnership with other committees, encouraging networking and idea exchange
  • Serve as resource for external and internal communications, both creating and editing, for messaging and materials
  • Have fun! Make an impact!

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee 

Chair: Laura Kestner-Ricketts, Augustana College
Phone: 309-794-7338
Email: [email protected]

Vice-Chair: Maurice Traylor, University of Michigan Engineering
Phone: 734-647-7142
Email: [email protected]

Board Liaison: Kerri Boivin, Past President


  • To promote the advancement, growth, and involvement of diverse populations in Midwest ACE not limited to race, ethnicity, gender, religion, veteran, socioeconomic status, age, sexual orientation, and physical ability
  • To advocate and provide a forum for issues relating to recruitment and employment of diverse populations and implement programs focused on increasing awareness through collaborative efforts

Experiential Education Committee

Chair: Craig Wilkinson, Kent State University
Phone: 330-672-8351
Email: c[email protected]

Board Liaison: Amanda Kostin, Secretary


  • Develop programs and services for members who deal with experiential learning activities, e.g. cooperative education, internships, externships, student employment, service learning, volunteer programs, etc.
  • Explore outreach to other professional organizations involved in these activities

Membership Committee

Chair: Samantha Martin, Ball State University 
Phone: 765-285-2428
Email: [email protected]

Board Liaisons: Ali Mears, Director - Employer Membership; Zach McGrain, Director - College Membership 


  • Participate in the planning of new member/welcoming programs at appropriate Midwest ACE events
  • Collaborate with Midwest ACE Committees and partners to welcome and inform new members
  • Engage new and current members in active involvement and networking opportunities with Midwest ACE

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Enhance College and Employer membership with new member out-reach within the first month of membership
  • Brainstorm ways to maintain current members and focus on attracting more employer members
  • Engage with new members and first time conference attendees at each conference (Ambassador Program)
  • Continue employment referral program
  • Partnering with Marketing & Communications Committee on promotional ideas

Partnership Committee

Board Liaison: Kristin Nisbet-White, Director - Advancement & Communications

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Actively seek potential partners to add additional value to organizations and increase financial resources to Midwest ACE
  • Collaborate with other committees to streamline outreach efforts and ensure a full experience for partners
  • Maintain current partnerships and help them reach full potential/ROI

Professional Development Committee

Chair: Matthew Little, University of Dayton
Phone Number: 937-229-2045
Email: [email protected]

Vice-Chair: Angi McKie, University of Iowa
Phone Number: 319-335-3531
Email: [email protected]

Board Liaison: Eilis Wasserman, Director - Professional Development


  • Promote and facilitate programs and training to enhance the professional development of new and existing members
  • Initiatives include planning the Workshop for New Professionals at the annual conference, webinars, granting HRCI (PHR) and NBCC (NACE) continuing education units and awarding the professional development annual scholarship

Professional Exchange Committee

Chair: Marty Gahbauer, Elmhurst College
Phone: 630-617-3460
Email: [email protected]

Vice-Chair: Tara Coffell, University of Michigan
Phone: 734- 647-7168
Email: [email protected]

Board Liaison: Zach McGrain, Director - College Membership


Midwest ACE offers a Professional Exchange Committee that sponsors opportunities for companies to highlight their corporate recruiting brand and campus recruiting issues to the college members of Midwest ACE. During the site visits, employers describe their companies, talk about their recruiting process, offer tours and allow exchanges of information between new hires, interns and the college members.

  • Provide membership the opportunity to learn about organizations through site visits during the Recruiting Trends Conference, Annual Conference, and other times through the calendar year
  • Identify key employers that membership would be interested in learning more about their recruiting strategies throughout the Midwest region

2019 Annual Conference

Co-Chair: Tabby Cates-Powell, Enterprise Holdings
Phone: 317-757-7101
Email: [email protected]

Co-Chair: Karley Clayton, IUPUI
Phone: 317-274-5644
Email: [email protected]

Board Liaison: Tim Scully, President-Elect